hi fellow uke lovers.

This site has been made to give you all great songs and songbooks for you to jam to,

whether you are a complete newbie or the best player ever its all about having


if you enjoy the site feel free to donate to help the uketatic cause thankyou.


or you can leave me a big christmas present ha ha.

cheers guys and happy strumming.

pleased to announce the release of my ANDROID APPĀ  yes guys its free and its great i use it on my tablet all the time so now you can play on the go its not perfect but it works great.

give it a try guys remember its android only https://goo.gl/kAQ6ek

please comment and tell me if the site helps you anyway and let me know what you may like me to add to the site cheers!!!!!!

please join the UKETASTIC FACEBOOK GROUP where you can ask for songs or songbooks and we can discuss all things ukulele also the facebook page.

also leave any feedback about what you like or would like on this site thankyou.

cheers guys.


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